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Rambling before work...

Damn, these last few days my throat has been feeling really dry and today it just feels worse XP Blah, I seem to remember a cold starting like this once, then again all the other times I thought I was getting a cold I never got one at all O_O;

Ya know...I wonder why it feels weird sorting out GX screencaps while listening to the original DM music XD
Also...why did I always think one of Manjoume's lackies (*The one with the blue hair*) was female when he is so obviously wearing the male uniform...? Well I guess the fact that he LOOKS like a girl and sounds like one didn't help XD

My review of this weeks episode and parodies may come a tad later than usual, tomorrow I need to put my computer's health first and preform some "System Matinance" in other words I need to run scan disk and defregment this damn thing in the hopes it'll solve this weird slowness it has....might get my dad to vacum out the inside again too, incase dust is building up again XP I'm not risking hitting a bad sector on my hard drive....nooooooo way....not after last time -_-;;
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