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Just taking screenshots~!

Heeeeey, I must say, I love the fact I can take screenshots via PowerDVD X3 I just took a load from the first GX episode and it's so much faster to do it that way :D
The time consuming part now is saving then as high quality JPGs in Photoshop, cos Photoshop likes to be annoying XP But it's worth it!

*lol* I'm only up to the part where they're watching Misawa finish off his test duel and I've already got 40-odd pictures saved <3

Here, have a panned image of Obelisk Blue students while your here! XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I love putting together panned images and as long as the shots came out alright, I've got a huge one of Flame Wingman coming up X3 Squeeeee~!
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