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YAY! Not only did I update PDU today but I also loaded up my Yu-Gi-Oh! GX page (*It was originally going to be on all the series of the show, but I felt since I'm more a fan of GX and I follow that better than the other series', it should just be about GX*) So far only the character profile section is active, most of the main kids have a profile (*Except Manjoume, haven't gotten around to doing his yet XD*) And a load of the one shot characters have one too. I need to do ones for the teachers and some of the earlier characters like Titan XP


There's the address! I guess I really should have made this and the FMA section as subdomains or something but I couldn't be bothered XP

Talking about couldn't be bothered, I think I saw a spider behind my VCR this morning... it's probably still there XD I couldn't be bothered to get my dad to squish it....it's probably living in the back of my VCR...I've gotten cobwebs there before....
....well....just as long as it STAYS there I'm not bothered...it didn't look all that big anyway....then again....it was a little dark....
... O______O;;

Meh, I'm tired and hungry, best have a break from the computer and make something to eat...if we have anything decent that is XP
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