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I didn't know that O____O

WHOA! I didn't know my PowerDVD software could play AVI videos O___O;
This means instead of going through all the damn hassle of loading up two programs that can play AVIs just so I can take screenshots (*Which do result in a slight loss of colour when doing it that way*) I can take screenshots via PowerDVD and it also gives me the choice to be able to save them via photoshop thus saving them in a better .jpg compression :D

This also means no more hassle with pressing print screen and pasting the image into paint shop pro, then cropping the image before saving it...
I like it when I mess with something and I find something out :D :D

(* aphotic do you have a program like "PowerDVD" on your computer? If you do I can run you by on how to load up a AVI video in it so you can take screenshots :D *)
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