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Damn those clocks! Always one step ahead!

So this morning I was happy my alarm FINALLY succeeded in waking me up an hour before Pokémon starts and as I'm laying there listening to the radio the DJ guy says this:

DJ GUY: *Is talking about getting out of bed or something* Who are we kidding? The clocks went forward!
ME: The clocks went forward...?
*Looks at own clock, it's almost 10 past seven when it should be 10 past 8*
ME: *Jumps outta bed* Arrrrgh crap crap!

I am lucky that my clock is about 15 minutes fast which has saved me from missing things numerous times :D So I actually managed to catch Pokémon today.
This doesn't beat the time last year when the clocks went forward and neither my dad or myself realized until it was too late and I was about 10 minutes late for work that day XD
And as Sean pointed out in my last post, that's why I seemed to lose an hour and didn't know why XD XD I'm an idiot!

Anyway as for Pokémon it was so so sweet, it was the one where May and co find an injured Swablu (*I think that's spelled right*) There was so many icon oppotunities in that episode so I'm gonna take a bunch of screenshots. I want to make some animated icons too but before when I've tried editing videos I've captured myself they don't open in my video editing program... I can always try again :D That was a while ago and I'm sure there is a way to do it! ^^

Oh and look at the weather today....cold and wet...I must be Psychic :D
Okay so Englands weather is predicatble XP
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