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Sunday is a good anime day... well today it was...

Da da daaaaa, lots of good anime today wheeeee! *lol* The only reason I look forward to Sundays is the new Pokemon and Yugioh episodes *nods* It's lovely to get to watch them before I go off to work -_-;; (*Okay I have to tape the second Yugioh episode but at least I get to watch it then I come home*) :D

Pokémon Advanced: Gone Corphisin'
I now know how to pronounce Corphish the right way XD Too bad I screwed up taping this episode and acctidently taped a different channel all together ^_^; Usually I would catch the repeat after work but they moved the repeat to 11am while I'm at work *kicks Sky One mix* Have to catch it again next Saturday then...
Anyway this episode was MAD, Team Twerps camp site gets destoryed by some random thing buring under the ground so they decide to try and find out what it is in true "Scooby" style XD Well that and Ash wants to catch it... so they lay out food for it but it just ends up attacking them again...
...then they steal Team Rocket's idea and dig holes to trap it and May is like "How low can you go" -_-;; Poor May, she gets so freaked out in this episode it's almost funny...
....okay it IS funny XD

New Yugioh Episodes
Hehehehe! The second episode marked the begining of Joey VS Marik which is gonna be one awesome duel XD Did I ever mention how much I love insane Marik and how I love how joey taunts him a lot more XD Yes I'm looking forward to next weeks episodes, I certainly am.

Naruto episode 73
Finally got it! YAY! Mostly just 3rd Hokage VS Orochimaru but the seal the 3rd uses is pretty awesome :D Next episode is Sasuke VS Half tranformed Gaara.... not an episode to miss! Hehehehe!

Yugioh episode 143
I think the episode is called "Destruction of Azkaban tower" or something like that. Which is true....they blow it up... why...I'm not enterily sure guess they thought it would be fun XD This episode comes after Yugi's defeat of da evil insane Marik and it's nice to see in the episode that both Mai and Bakura are okay... and that Marik isn't evil and insane anymore....neat!
Seto has some intresting flashbacks as he deals with....issues again...Kaiba has a lot of issues I think...one flashback is with him and Mokuba as ickle kids and Chibi Seto is so freakin' cute.
The others seem to be looking for him outside the tower and they can't get the Battle Ship running XD So when they get tired of waiting, knowing the place is gonna blow they nick off with a Kaiba corp helicopter and leave kaiba and mokuba for dead XD
Okay they look saddened when the place does blow up but...HA!
Then it's revealed they escaped using one AWESOME looking Blue Eyes White Dragon Jet plane LOL
Next comes the departure of Marik, his sister and that Odeon guy, nice sunset scene... then afterwards Duke leaves (*After slipping Serenity what I assume was his Phone number XD Might not of been but it was soemthing on a piece of papaer :p*) then Mai leaves after a touching scene with both Joey and his sister...sweeeeeeeeeet...
..... and Bakura is forgotten about XD He's there but doesn't speak or so anything. Poor Bakura *hugs him*
After that comes some really sweet scene with Yugi meeting Joey in the street to duel, lots of Joey flashbacks on Yugi's behalf....totally adorable...
...I'm looking forward to seeing that one dubbed XD

Okay I should stop rambling now XD

Funniest quote I heard all day:
SOME LITTLE GIRL I OVERHEARD AT WORK: - "I can smell Scorpions" (*It's true she said that I swear she did*)

I need to draw now....
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