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Yea, I'm crazy XD

Ya know my dad will wonder what's up with me when he sees I've actually ordered books off amazon instead of manga XD But what can I say, I *really* wanted to finish off my Farthing wood book collection cos I don't plan on getting rid of it....ever! I managed to find one that was from amazon so I don't have to order it through other companies. I also ordered the first of the "Beaver Towers" books cos I so wanna read that again, the memory of our whole class just loving that book is enough <3 I remember that we always complained when it was hometime and she had to stop XD

So yes, Re-living childhood = Goooooooooood~!

I was gonna order the 7th Fruits basket manga while I was there but that one is said to take between 8-10 days for the dispatch or whatever while these two books only take dispatch 24 hours XP

Yes I'm crazy, but I don't care! XD

*pokes GX download* Huuurrrrrrry!
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