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Another weird dream :D

YAY! Another bizarre dream for me :D

In this one there was some kind of monster at work so we had to evacuate into the car park outside. As I was leaving some people were still being served and I remember the monster got burid under a pile of stuff....whatever. Anyway I remember going outside, it's dark, wet and cols, then I try and go back inside but one of the managers tells me I have to stay outside....
....so there I am and I'm all like "Can we go home yet" >>; then I see a friendly Black Cat which I pet and then it runs off and jumps into someones car, then I call for it so it jumps back out and I start fussing it again :D

It seems the monster is after someone and it turns all Yu-Gi-Oh-ish after that. I remember Yugi and Bakura reaching a portal that Kuriboh wanted them to go inside it. Then I remember having this massive book of cartoon character profiles. According to this book, Misawa has an older sister X_x; As for who the monster was after, I can't work out whether it was after me, Yugi or Juudai (*There seemed to be an emphasis on juudai's profile in my book *shrugs*)

Well almost time for work. Here's hoping episode25 of GX is up in 4 hours time :D I heard a rumor that Manjoume actually....cried :o
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