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I am Yami Bakura! Behold my Pikachu's Iron Tail Attack!

I downloaded the second part of the Yami Bakura VS Yami Yugi episodes on the Battle Ship and I could NOT stop laughing through the whole thing...
....why? I hear you ask.

....Cos Yami Bakura is an evil Satoshi XD Honestly I was expecting him to shout "Pikachu! Iron Tailu!" any minute *dies laughing* I mean I DID know who did his Japanese voice and I DID know they did a character off Pokémon...it just never clicked in my head that it was Ash's Japanese voice actress XD
But to me at least Yami Bakura needed a deeper voice than that cos he sounded like a girl obviously, just didn't seem to fit but then again I am more used to the dub version...
...Joey sounding like he doesn't come from New York also is a bit weird XD
So no matter which version you watch, it'll always have some connection to Pokémon LOL YAY!

I'm getting some episodes from the Alcatraz Tower one now cos they only have a few of those up... I'm hoping they get the other two episodes up for the Yami Bakura/Yami Yugi battle....cos I missed it in the dub... and I was looking forward to it aswell...
They also have the first movie up for download....it's a nice big 124MB file.... looooovely... -_-;;

Why do I wanna draw Bakura dressed up as Ash now? O_o;;
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