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OMG! Re-living my childhood with books about talking Beavers!!11!

Ya know, boredom does the weirdest things.

Looking around my room I spotted the very small book collection I have in which some of the books had fallen to the floor. I picked up one which was one of the "Animals of Farthing wood" books (*I loved that series SO much as a kid and that alone made me keep the books....and the comics I have stashed under my bed, hehehe*) but as I read the first page of the first chapter of this book it got me thinking to a book that was read to one of the primary school classes I was in so so long ago (*I remember the teacher I had was see as the most "nice" one I believe*)

Now this story the only thing I could remember about it was that it had beavers in it, talking beavers, but our entire class LOVED these stories...so I decided I would randomly type "beaver" into the book search on amazon, and lookie at what I found:


That was the book! :D I am SO tempted to buy it just so I can re-read it. In fact it's only £4.99. I might see about ordering it tomorrow or something XD
Ah, gosh, look at me, I'm almost 22 and already wanting to re-live my childhood (*But I remember this story to be sooooo good*)

I also remembered that there is a Farthing Wood story I don't have (*In book form anyway*) I think it's called "The Adventure begins". I found it on Amazon but I think they're all "used" so to speak so I'm unsure whether to get it just to complete my collection XD
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