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Meh, earlier I went into town cos the hamster needed more sawdust and my dad left me a note saying he wanted a salad bringing back. The line in the butchers shop (*Which also has a salad bar*) was quite long and then when it was finally my turn some guy stood behind me in the queue felt the need to poke me in the back saying how it was my turn...dude, I knew it was, I didn't need someone to poke me >_< I just really wasn't in a social mood and it kinda annoyed me....

In other news I was bored and watched part of a documentary on Honey Badgers...they're a glutton for punishment, one disturbed a bee hive and just kept coming back and back and back despite the fact it was getting stung all the time, it eventually destoryed the hive and ate it :p
Another apparently spent 4 hours trying to get at a mouse in a log...
...and it never did get the mouse XD
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