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YAY! One Piece!

Well it seems One Piece will be gracing England next month. I got the sky magazine in the post today and the first thing I saw was the picture of the One Piece cast on the plastic covering XD I'm happy I'll actually get to see this show now. I get to see Sanji and his cigarette lollipop.

Well today a woman came to the chairty shop and wanted a refund on soemthing she had bought...
...and I didn't know how to do it X_x; Then, along with the help of one of the work scheme people, we managed to mess the till up and it just kept giving us errors XD, eventually she managed to fix it though and as usual, the solution was pretty simple XP

Hummm, I gotta watch the 3rd Harry potter film tonight (*Yeah got to XD*) I've had it for ages and it's my brother's (*He wants it back*) so I'll go round tomorrow afternoon maybe and drop it off, then he can give me the Incredibles >D I really want to see that.

Yep that's all for now XD
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