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Join the crack today~!

XD Last night I joined my very first LJ RP!


Tis a GX Journal RP and it needs members :D :D Join the crack today!
I'm Juudai of course, cos I'm stupid like that XD and yes, I really did name his journal "i_like_red" cos we all know he does X3 I'm sure he is the only Osiris red student who does like that colour, it's the colour of determination! :D

Other than that I keep having weird ass dreams (*Okay so that's nothing new*) if it's not having someone plotting to kill me or dreaming of buying pokémon plushies that die, it's getting a glass fishbowl for a fish I apparently got but then forgot about months before.
ME: - "It must be dead now...."
I'm so glad I'm more animal friendly in real life XD;;
Oh yeah and there was one where I needed to go to Germany for some reason, but couldn't go cos I don't have a passport XD Which is true, I don't have one.
My dreams are weird...

I need to get ready for work now
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