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Rambling about....everything! XD

w00t! New episodes of Pokémon will be starting soon, in fact they're starting next Friday X3 YAY! Can't wait to start watching them again. So I need to hurry up and free up some videos *Looks at the pile she needs to go through* Ya know....somewhere in there is a tape full of Master Quest episodes X_x;

Talking of Pokémon I watched this weeks episode today. I love Bannai (*One of the Team Magma members*) he was previously in an episode about a castform (*I can't look at Castforms and not laugh....seriously*) but in this most recent episode he didn't have his Ditto with him ;_; and he had a completely new outfit, rather bizarre looking really, I think he looked better in the Team Magma outfit myself. Other than that he's awesome, I love how he can disguise himself perfectly as anyone, hell, even DUPLICA wasn't that good XD But poor Bannai can't fool Brock's senses when he dressed up like Officer Jenny, Brock knew exactly which one was the real Jenny (*Has he has proved a few times before once with Nurse Joy*) at least Brock's constant hitting of both Joy and Jenny comes in handy sometimes XD
So yes, Bannai is easilly one of my favoruite Team Magma/Aqua members, closely followed by the MALE magma member who was named "Tabitha" in the dub. That was classic XD
Apparently next weeks episode is just a clip show....blah, I'm not keen on clip shows.

I've been listening to a lot of Digimon music recently (*Mostly BGM from Tamers*) and it makes me just want to watch that series all over again. I think digimon still plays on the Fox Kids channel, in fact, I might still have some of the dub episodes I encoded a while back *searches for a little while* Nah I don't it seems but I managed to find some pokemon episodes I encoded which I need to do guides for YAYNESS! X3

I also found some old music videos I made (*Mostly digimon ones*) including the "advert" I did for Frontier *lol* That reminds me, I want to do a music video for GX but I'm not sure what song to do it to. Anyone know any good songs that would fit the series?
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