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Just the Usual Random Stuff~!

Well PDU's space should be set for another year and the domain set for another 2, the domain was a lot more expensive than I expected it to be...unless it was the just added onto the total of what my space costs a month >>; Ah either way it's set for another two years hopefully ^^

All I've been doing these past few days mostly is going to work and making winamp skins. I've got up a few other Yu-Gi-Oh ones on my sites other anime winamp skins page, some of which were requests from the Janime forum. Best one so far is the one I did of Shou X3
Also I've been working on and off with that Juudai picture I posted a few days back. I decided to do a sunset scene thus the shading is slightly more annoying cos I'm trying to at least MAKE it look like Juudai and Hane Kuriboh are in a sunset setting XD

Hummm, I really want to draw Manjoume with Ojama Yellow too XD But before that I have requests and stuff to do XD I have a half finished picture of Master Spilnter from the mutant turtles to finish on my oekaki board (*I'm not setting a good example by leaving it*) I also still have to sort out the picture of Amelda, Varon and Raphael which I left when Amelda's pose proved more annoying than I expected XP
I also have to finish off a picture of Marik for an art trade, I was gonna redraw it but I think the picture I have done already will do. I also have one of Tea that's half finished *lol*

Ah, busy, busy~!

Anyway I should stop rambling and go to bed XD
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