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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 24 - Let's all question Manjoume's sanity...

Three clips today, wasn't exactly sure how to parody something already full of crack but the scenes I did I really had fun with, especially the one I did with Ojama Yellow (*The little yellow monster*) XD He's fun to voice and it was nice to be able to voice Manjoume more :D

You probably should ignore Juudai's comment on "Fruit Shoots" it's a drink I had in front of me while doing the parodies XD Apple flavor is LOVE!


So here we are, the long awaited for Manjoume episode. I thought this episode would be quite serious and just well, less crack-ish, but turns out that this episode was the most crack any episode has been and poor Manjoume was on the receiving end of it all XD
I love this series XD

So we start off by joining Manjoume who is sat on his boat (*Which is half sank by the way*) in the mist looking rather sorry for himself best thing about it is that he's haunted by his own imagination as he keeps seeing Juudai talk to him and be all....well....Juudai-like really XD (*Guess they had to place him in this episode somehow, but I now question Manjoume's sanity quite a bit*)
Anyway Manjoume grabs a plastic bottle for a drink, but he's all out of water. Then he gets annoyed at his imaginary Juudai and tries to throw the bottle at him. Suddenly realizing his mistake (*That he's thrown the bottle overboard*) he tries to catch it but ends up falling into the water himself. A mysterious shadow appears under the water as Manjoume sinks deeper and deeper, then we see a freaky looking eye O_O;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"Drink Fruit Shoots, it's rich in vitamin C!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
You know your insane when your only companion is an imaginary Juudai

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Posted just cos Manjoume's expression is adorable here XD

Next we join Manjoume he's lying unconscious among a crab and two fish flapping away since they're out of water. Here a strange voice his heard calling "Aniki, Aniki" as a light flies over his head (*At this point I thought the crack would go in the way of a bizarre Shou fairy or something since he's the only one who uses the word "Aniki"*) but no, it's not Shou, instead it's a fugly looking yellow thing in pink flower pattern underwear. YAY! It's Ojama Yellow!
Ojama Yellow is a strange little creature. It flies up to Manjoume and it almost looks like it's kissing him XD (*Don't think it is but it sure looks like it*) and then it decides to stick it's butt in his face XD Manjoume starts to wake up and grabs Ojama Yellow who then disappears before Manjoume wakes up completely.

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Sleeping with fishes....and crabs...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"Kiss my ass!"

Once Manjoume is awake someone else speaks to him. Someone who's disguised in a scarf, robe and er....seaweed and this guy has Manjoume's deck. Manjoume demands for it back but the guy just drops the cards into a pool of water at his feet XD That was nice of him, huh? But he throws one card at him that Manjoume catches in his fingers, the man tells him it's a present....
....it's Ojama Yellow XD
Manjoume is NOT impressed and is about the throw it away when the man shouts making him stop. They talk a lot, with the man mentioning Juudai and Misawa, then eventually water starts to fall into where ever they are and the man starts to leave. It's then Manjoume is shot out of what appears to be a submarine and lands on some ice. He gets up and sees a building in the distance so with that he puffs up the collar on his uniform and walks towards it.

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"Gimmie back my cards jerk!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"No! Don't throw it away! It'll come back and kill you!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
To the North School!

Manjoume gets to the building and pounds on the door wanting them to open up, then a man dressed in slightly tatty looking clothing sat in front of a fire talks to him. He mentions that the building is the Duel Academy North School and the number 40 so I guess he said something about you have to have 40 cards to get in (*Manjoume currently only has one XD*) Anyway he sits down with the man and he mentions that he has 39 cards I believe. Manjoume then holds out a green card to the man which kinda looks like a credit card XD Whatever it is the man doesn't want it, so therefore Manjoume sets out to find 40 cards himself.

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Night becomes day and Manjoume returns back to the building where the man still is. He asks if Manjoume managed to get 40 cards and he did. Apparently he had to brave Sharks, falling off cliffs, a polar bear and bats to get them. He then eventually kindly decides to give the man one of his cards so that he can go in. He selects Ojama Yellow but when he tries to hand it over his arm won't stay still, like something else is controlling it. Then out comes Ojama Yellow which Manjoume can see but the man he's with can't XD I love how Ojama Yellow loves to waggle it's butt in people's faces XD Honestly! I think when they were handing out Duel Monster spirits Manjoume got the short end of the stick, but it's a very amusing short end if you ask me, Ojama Yellow rocks!
Eventually Manjoume puts the card back and gives the man another one. The man thanks him and asks for his name, in which Manjoume tells him that it's "Manjoume, Jun" he then goes and sits by the fire while the man enters the North School. It's at this point his imaginary juudai decides to pop up again, manjoume goes to punch it but as he does he notices a magic card laying on the ground beside him.

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"Can't we be friends?"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"I'm getting angry now..."

Oh well, this means he has 40 cards again so he announces to the door that he does and at the top of the door are all these pretty sparkles. Lasers soon shoot down and hit his Duel Disk and with that the doors open. Inside the North School there are buildings and such that are set up kind of like a town in a western movie. He then hears a smash and Manjoume sees the man from earlier get thrown out of one of the buildings. He goes to him but he's soon surrounded by the students of the North School. Then one of them, sat down on a chair, speaks. He's the king of the North School.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Inside the North School

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
King of the North School

Now the eyecatch is especially interesting this week cos not only does it show Manjoume in his North School outfit but he determined expression changes to a sweatdrop one when Ojama yellow appears behind him XD;;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Best manjoume facial expression EVER!

Next we join Manjoume, he's owning all the students at the North School one after another. Then the four stood by the King decide to challenge him all together, they manage to get quite a number of the same monster out on the field. Manjoume doesn't seem phased as he draws a card then puts two face down and summons "Giant Rat" he then starts getting annoyed at Ojama Yellow again and starts talking to it... his opponents look at him gone out since to them, he's talking to thin air XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Trust me folks, he's not insane :D :D :D"

Well one of the guys plays a magic card that raises one of the monsters attack to 2800, it destroys Manjoumes "Giant Rat" and then the rest charge at him. Manjoume activates...er....something and he's able to play a very funky looking panda, whose attack somehow rises to 4800. He then plays a trap and a magic card, then there is one huge explosion and all 4 guys lose.
Now the only one left is The King of the North School.
At this point his imaginary juudai pops up again and asks Manjoume, in quite an amused tone, if he's gonna be alright. Manjoume only responds with "It's Manjoume-San!"

Anyway the duel starts and the King activates two magic cards called "Devil's sanctuary" I believe then these two funky looking tokens pop up which he uses to summon his monster, dunno what it's called but it's funky looking. He then finishes his turn by placing a card face down.
Now it's Manjoume's turn and he draws....
....Ojama Yellow XD Anyway he plays the little thing then places two cards face down.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The kings monster

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"Can't you stay in your card?"

Anyway the king plays some trap card which makes his monster a metal version then plays another trap "Living dead" so he's able to bring back his original monster as well. He attacks Ojama Yellow and the poor thing freaks out before it's destroyed XD He then attacks directly with his other monster.
Manjoume activates a magic card in which I haven't a clue what it does, then he activates another which is the same card he found outside the school after the man left. The King's monsters start getting all cracked and then they disappear. Manjoume then activates a trap which seems he has to sacrifice some life points to be able to summon more than one monster on the field? I haven't a clue, they all have 1000 attack points too, well....except Ojama yellow who has....0. XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I don't wanna be destoryed!!!1!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

All the monsters attack and he owns the king of the North School.

Afterwards the man from the submarine approaches talking about a "new King" he then takes off the disguise and reveals that he is actually the old guy who was sat outside the school as well XD Seems like he had a hand in everything huh? With that Manjoume becomes the school representative for the duel against the Duel Academy (*The other students bow to him XD*) and when he learns Juudai is his opponents, oh yes, Manjoume is happy and gives out a lovely evil laugh.

And I must say in the preview Manjoume looks very badass in his new outfit X3 And his brothers....they look like your average evil business men XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"I am badass!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Manjoume's brothers scare me

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