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OMG! That wins GX!

Oh dear, Poor Manjoume, seems the crack has followed him all the way from the Academy. Honestly I haven't laughed that much during an episode well...EVER, not even during the Tennis one. This episode was just Love, love, love!
I am also questioning Manjoume's sanity nowXD
And also:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

...that little yellow thing just wins GX totally! Seriously it is the best thing since...er....Hane Kuriboh! Yeah Hane Kuriboh is a cute widdle fluffball, who's all happy and bouncy but it's no ugly yellow thing that wears pink flower pattern underwear! X3 I seriously hope that thing stays in GX cos it freakin' rules! Manjoume kept shouting at it cos it was being annoying and everyone else couldn't see it XD *Dies repeatedly* And it kept calling him "Aniki" *Dies again*

Okay I'll stop there, review is tomorrow XD I need to find out the name of that little yellow guy X3
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