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Dub!Love + Fandom Ramblings

Well I did the Dub!Love icons for episode 18 of FMA :D Only three this time but I'm open to any suggestions you have for icon quotes!

1. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 2. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 3. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Also I did this icon (*None Dub love*) from the episode cos Ed's expression was just too adorable <3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Let's see, what else could I ramble about in this entry. Well last night I think my GX fangirlism (*Is that a word?*) reached a new high. Yes, yes, we all would like to see Manjoume in action in these next few episodes but I just have to say "OMG! HURRY WITH THE 7 ASSASSINS ARC! ME WANTS TO SEEEEE~!" Seriously, the more and more I learn about it the more I wanna see it and guess what? In the episode that airs the day after my birthday Chronos gets 0wned by a Vampire Lady :D Best.Birthday.Present.Ever!
The week after that Kaiser Ryou gets to duel the Vampire Lady and may or may not get 0wned by her, it hasn't been said...
Then Juudai gets to duel the Vampire Lady XD Me thinks they need a vampire slayer or something...
Also it seems that the shadow duel Juudai has against that Darkness guy takes a lot out of him X3 Ooooh, how my Juudai fangirl side wants to see that <3 Apparently there's gonna be a new E-Hero called "Shining Flare Wingman" and Juudai apparently gets to duel against Kaibaman...nope not Kaiba, just some Duel Monster card or something that runs around with a Blue eyes mask on I think and it's using Kaiba's deck or something either way that sounds amusing and we will get to see the BEWD and BEUD again ^^ *sniggers* Kaibaman!
Oh yeah, I forgot the fact that Juudai has been mentioned to get a "Shadow Item", I'm curious to know what that is... ARGH! So many questions right now!!

Hummm, anyway I got all this from the Janime forum/site ^^ This arc sounds like it's gonna be so awesome, I mean here we quite a light-hearted series for the most part, it's random, it's funny, most of the kids are just normal kids at a school (*Okay as normal as kids in Yu-Gi-Oh can get*) then BAM they're thrown into a deeper, darker storyline XD I love how they've done that <3

Lets see, I heard FMA might start airing over here in May, but I also read somewhere the first DVD apparnetly comes out in May over here, so whether it's one or the other or both who knows *shrugs* I wouldn't have ever of thought they'd air FMA over here, I mean...England....getting decent anime...that's NOT by 4Kids, or a kiddies show at all? A pretty rare event, my friends!
I imagine if they do show it, it would be late night on the Toonami channel or something.
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