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I must say that right now....I hate Lycos again.

PDU needs to be renewed within the next month, BOTH it's webspace and Domain name need renewing. The Domain name I believe will be simple, I just need to set it for automatic renewal but the damn websapce is a pain in the ass. I can automaticlly renew that BUT not only has my package that i was on been screwed about with and changed so it's now MILES more expensive it also seems that I would HAVE to pay monthly if I just let it renew automaticlly. My dad will NOT have it being paid for monthly >>; (*I have to use his card cos due to lycos being stupid and blacklisted my card, only cos my card expired and I didn't realize I'd have to update it with the new card's details *Like the new expiry date* Then when i did update with the new details they just wouldn't take it...*)
Now the only way I can see to make sure we pay for it yearly is going to the upgrade package...but the only package offered is even MORE expensive than the one I'm on now...I'd actually like to downgrade from the one I'm on now to a lower package but there seems to be NO OPTION FOR THAT! What the HELL! Why can't they just keep everything the DAMN SAME!!

So now I need to ask my brother to see if HE knows a way to downgrade a package (*Bet ya that he's at work tomorrow when I really need him....Guess I could phone later in the day*) If not I may need to bug lycos about it but the last time I had a problem they were no help at all.

Why can't my site just....not have problems... >>; Just for once why can't everything be straightforward...

And now my stomach hurts.....great....
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