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Yeah, just random stuff again....

Well my knee still feels uber weird, if it still feels like this by the end of the week i'm gonna have to get a doctor's appointment (*Then knowing my luck they'll give me an appoointment like a week later and by that time my knee has amazingly become fine again*) XP
Hehe, and so much for "Sitting down at work" they had me taking people off for their breaks so I had to keep hobbling from one till to another (*Granted on Sundays that's what i usually end up doing anyway XD*) then I had to work in the back of the cafe for a little while...well it was nice to do soemthing different than the checkouts but....yeah....I never EVER want to work in a cafe...it's just way too gross, all the leftover food and stuff....ewwwwwww....

Well i would have done my FMA Dub!Love icons for today but my computer is once again having some sort of issue. This time it's the damn memory! It's been playing up for the last week and finally today while trying to make the icons it kept complaning that it didn't have enough memory to do things >>; So I ran a Spyware check (*Oh but what's this, Spybot is STILL crashing when it comes to deleting the spyware so therefore it doesn't get deleted*) I then run Ad-aware and I get rid of that fine, run Norton Anti-Virus and that finds loads MORE Adware that I JUST CAN'T DELETE! Norton can't delete it and the guide on the site is useless. It tells me to uninstall this adwear by the Add/Remove programs thing, but the adwear isn't LISTED on that, so it tells me to go to the directory it's in and delete the files manually....but it seems the directorys the computer can't find >>; Whaaaaaaaaaa!

Anyone know of any good and possibly POWERFUL spyware and Adware removal programes?
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