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Okay....my leg hurts...

Ya know. something really weird happened to me last night...
...my kneecap kinda...popped outta place O_o; I ain't kidding either! I was sat on my bed and I just happened to reach out for something a tad awkwardly and POP, it came out to the side. I looked down and was like "What the hell!!!" I moved my leg and it luckily popped back in. But now the area around it keeps twinging with achey pain >>; Even just sat here now it's doing it and I find it just doesn't feel like my other one...dude I hope I haven't like, trapped a nerve or something, though I'm sure I'd be in more pain if I had....who knows, maybe it's just sore XD
I'll have to see how it goes this next week, thank god I have a job where I just sit down for my whole shift (*Mostly*) XD I need to be at work this week for that training I didn't have the other week XP
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