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Bakura VS Yugi! Or how I think too much at Work.....

I think too much at work when I'm bored... I spend my time daydreaming up stupid things....today my thoughts went back to my lovely Ninja Bakura (*Huggles him*)and somehow I thought up somce scene which is similar to the premiliary's for the Chunnin Exam in Naruto...except I changed it just to some thing to show how much they've learned cos I don't think any of them would be ready for ze chunnin Level...
...excpet maybe Kai, cos he's Badass XD

Anyway the scenes I thought up were of Bakura and Yugi being randomly selected to fight each other which is strange to start off with cos I doubt ANYONE can imagine the two of them beating each other up XD hehehehe, but I wrote it anyway. Still needs fine tuning...Yami needs to tell Yugi more stuff in it before the battle starts which I forgot to put in *lol*
Anyway it ends with them both calling out their Yami sides anyway...
If I write the chapter after it will involve lots of Yami Bakura using advanced Genjustu (*Illusion techniques*) against yami....wheeeee! Sounds like fun XD Messing with the mind is always fun...
Then orochimaru will interrupt cos he's just so damn cool and creepy! XD That's my only excuse (*This story would take place about 9 years after the point at which Naruto is at now... so chances are orochimaru would of been defeated by that time LOL who knows*)

Heh and this all happens in the middle of the story I had planned out which I wasn't sure on whether I should write it or not XD The whole begining of the story is basiclly Bakura's team getting a new Jounin Sensei (*Morty*) when their last one gets killed trying to protect them, so it's basiclly them getting to know Morty ect. And Morty having a few run ins with both Kai and Yami Bakura, neither of which respect him all that much at the begining (*Okay yami bakura NEVER respects him or anyone but....meh...*)
Jeri seems to serve no true perpouse in the story except to be the female member and peace keeper XD She has Leomon though, Leomon rocks...

Yeah...I think I just made a whole lot of no sense XD That's what you get when your obsessed with both naruto and Yugioh at the same time ^_^;;

I should go to bed now, I've missed the Duelist Kingdom Yugioh repeats for the past two days due to going to bed too late and sleeping through my alarm...
...I'll probably get up for 8:20am only to find it was on an hour earlier like it was last friday XD

I should stop rambling now....

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Damn! I be one evil Bountyhead, ne? Spike and co will never catch me! Hahahahahaha!
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