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Drawings and Dreams~!

Ya know, over these past few days I have learned that trying to draw someone laying down on the floor is very very difficult, even more difficult than my "Yugi hanging upside down by his legs" attempt. Damn you Amelda, why are you so hard to draw laying down. It wouldn't be a big deal but it's a picture I accepted as a request off my own back cos it sounded like a lovely one to try, just need to get over this one hurdle, Varon and Rapheal will be easy-ish after that ^^;

If anything I did draw something sucessful today...

So in other words I've had a very uneventful boring day. Oh besides the fact that I started playing with overrides on my Sheezy Art account: http://pdutogepi.sheezyart.com/ like my banner? Nothing like a maniac, Orichalcos powered Ed staring at you when you visit my page, huh? I did want Juudai on it but decided the sinister Orichalcos!Edward looked better XD

Oh and I've updated PDU twice in two days, miracles do apparnetly happen XD

*sighs* I think I'll just go to bed now, I'm tired and I'm just in that mood where I'm so bored I feel like I haven't an intrest in doing anything XP

Oh and this morning I had yet another GX related dream (*Actually I kinda had one the day before aswell but I barely remember that one*) Anyway the one I had this morning I dreamt I was talking to someone and then it switched to Misawa and Juudai getting ready to do some kind of tag battle against two other people (*From the North School? Not sure*) but between them was a giant replica of the Millennium Puzzle. Apparnetly during the course of the Duel, if they got in a tight spot either side could kick this Millennium Puzzle replica and it would help them, but they could only do it once. Kinda like a lifeline, except they're not playing "Who want to be a Millionaire".
The duel starts and for some bizarre reason Juudai kicks the Millennium Puzzle replica straight away, much to Misawa's shock and dissapointment. Seems like Juudai thinks they won't need it then he announces that "It's only for charity anyway" oooookay....
Then both Misawa and the opposite team get pissed at him cos he's not taking it seriously (*That's quite unlike Juudai*) and walk off without saying anything, leaving Juudai on his own. He watches them leave going "What? What?" he then pulls the most goofiest sad face EVER!

I love my dreams <3
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