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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 22 - Aniki ;__________________;

First of all thanks for all the suggestions for what Ryou can say in my clip. I did actually use almost all the ideas but for Ryou I stayed with Luna's idea of having his Mudkip evolve, but with a little twist ;) The topic of Fangirls and Pina Coladas went to Chronos, who also needed something to say *lol*

As usual the clips can be found here:


Onto this weeks review! Which had a LOT of talking and a LOT of dueling so my review sucks XD

So we start by joining Kunisaki (*The pervert guy, yeah I guessed his name right last week strange enough*) as he is STILL trying to hack into the computer system and eventually he gets in. He gives out a satisfied "Bingo!" as the images of the three gods appear, well ain't that neat. After that the first thing that pops up are some images of some Obelisk Blue students, including Fubuki. So are all these the images of all the kids that disappeared? Must be... but meh, I can't tell what he's yapping about so lets just join Juudai and Misawa now shall we.

Have you seen these children?

So we get the various reactions of the spectators so far. Shou seems to be silently having kittens (*Which he's like through the whole damn episode....seriously the guy needs to relax a little*) Ryou and Asuka are having a calm conversation over it as usual, Chronos looks quite enthusiastic and Daitokuchi is petting Pharaoh...YAY!
So with his fusion all sealed up in a neat little package and a bow (*Okay not really but I just feel like saying weird things*) Juudai puts Sparkman in defense and ends his turn.
SHOU: - Aniki... ;_;
*Slaps Shou in the hopes for him to SMILE A LITTLE*

Anyway it's Misawa's turn and he summons a monster called "Maths Magician" (*Trust him to have a monster called that XD*) After he talks....a lot...he has Water Dragon destroy Sparkman and Maths Magician destroy Featherman.
Shou is still being all whiny (*Ah but we love him cos he's cute*) while Chronos starts half singing (*Ya know, it kinda sounded like the "Just one cornetto" song....the one in the cornetto ads anyway XD After that Daitokuchi and the principle talk to him which seems to get Chronos all on edge again XD

"Okay children! What's 3268 times by 1234 dived by 16?"

Anyway Kunisaki is walking back from his l33t adventures in hacking and ends up walking to the duel just as Misawa ends his turn. Okay so Juudai plays bubbleman, then plays bubbleshooter. With that he attacks and destroys Misawa's Maths Magician, I think this allows Misawa to draw a card....who knows, I think they lost me a looooong time ago. With that Juudai places two cards face down then activates...er...some magic card (*Dude I gotta learn these card names....*) then ends his turn. Okay so after a lot of yapping, Misawa starts his turn but juudai's magic card activates and he can draw 4 cards? Okay....then he activates his emergency rations magic card to up his life points :D

Juudai's magic card

Well it seems that kunisaki is already getting his spirits lifted by Juudai's l33t Dueling skills, he then tries to leave, but doesn't XD Whahaha!

Anyway Misawa activates pot of greed then all the cards in his graveyard seem to surround his carbon monster thingy and then he's able to bring out Diamond Dragon! Which looks very awesome X3 He has it attack Bubbleman to get rid of his awesome gun thing then has Water Dragon attack again to destroy bubbleman himself. Afterwards Juudai activates "Hero signal" and with it he summons Clayman.
Anyway Misawa places a card face down and ends his turn.


At this point Juudai turns to where his friends are sat and with that Shou give out his 4th or 5th "...Aniki ;_;" With that Juudai gives him a thumbs up telling him he's fine. Anyway he activates a magic card er...I forget what it's called ^^; But he gets Bubbleman back cos of it so YAY! He plays Bubbleman and plays another magic card for it Bubble...er...something....and blah blah blah he summons good old EDGEMAN! YAY!
Juudai then activates Skyscraper. Poor Kunisaki has a small flashback of himself stood in a city like landscape....man....that duel he lost to Kaiba really traumatized him huh?

Nice guy pose!

Anyhoo, Juudai has his now powered up Edgeman attack and destroy Water Dragon, but Misawa is able to have it split up into Oxygendon and his two Hydrodon monsters. He then plays a trap card which almost sounds like he says "Lust Magnet" XD But I'm most likely wrong, I just thought I'd say that cos it sounds funny XD Whatever it is it puts a giant...magnet? on the back of Edgeman decreasing it's points.
With that Juudai has Clayman attack and destroy Oxygendon.
Once again Kunisaki has flashbacks of being stood in the city. He looks happy though and he's holding his deck...awwwwww X3

Misawa's turn and I have no idea what he activates....it's a big electric thing...but anyway this thing lets him summon some bizarre looking monster with 0 attack points, but it seems to absorb something from the magnet and it's attack goes all the way up to 3000, so it's able to easily 0wn Edgeman. Once it does it's attack returns to 0. Then he has Diamond Dragon attack and destroy Clayman. He then plays a magic card that er....I'm not sure what it does....puts a level 5 monster in his hand? Who knows....
Oh and skyscraper goes bye bye...
He places a card face down....and ends his turn.

Then we're treated to another Kunisaki flashback special where we get a more clearer view of Kaiba right after Kunisaki was defeated by him XD YAY! KAIBA!

Kaiba 0wned j00!

Anyway Juudai draws Wildman in his next turn and he summons it. Misawa activates a trap called "Spirit Barrier" then the weird monsters attack points go all the way up to 3000 again. Anyway Juudai activates a magic card for Wildman called "Cyclone Boomerang" I think XD So Juudai has Wildman attack even though the spirit barrier is up. The attack gets bounced and destorys Wildman... this makes me go "Huh?" but Juudai was obviously planning that. I think that boomerang thing has something special about it cos soon Misawa's barrier breaks and he LOSES...as if we all didn't know that he would anyway.

So the crowd cheers and even Kunisaki is all like "w000000t!" which gets Asuka's attention. He then tries to act cool and leaves. Asuka soon taking off after him. Chronos collapses to the floor as the principle announces Juudai as the winner. Shou and Hayato join juudai and Daichi walks up to him. Juudai does his pose and starts off his catch phrase but Misawa finishes it off for him and holds out his hand. With that juudai gives him a erm..."low" five then shakes his hand :D Awww how cute!

"Let's just shake hands okay..."

Meanwhile Asuka catches up to Kunisaki and he goes yapping on about this that and the other, showing another flashback of him meeting two rather shady looking people in a restaurant XD O_O After much more talking, he leaves.

Meanwhile Juudai and co are still celebrating juudai's victory and poor Chronos looks like he's going to throw up XD

Oh well the next episode looks like a lovely crazy insane one. Everyone looks like they're on happy drugs (*Including Hane Kuriboh*)

and Chronos is dressed in a spacesuit being a pervert as usual.

I'm looking forward to this episode :D
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