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Destiny Deoxys

Destiny Deoxys is as awesome as I thought it would be X3 Tory/Tooi is teh cute!
Ya know when that big guy says "Hey you're cute" it kinda does give the impression he said it to Max, didn't it? Since May had introcuced her brother only seconds before he said it, but he DID say it to May XD But hell we can think he said it to Max, it's more fun that way.

I still think they should have given Tory Bakura's voice instead of Mokuba's, the main movie kids always get Mokuba's voice and it would have been much more fun with Bakura's *lol* Oh well.

Hummm, "L-O-V-E-L-Y dream of LOVELY BOY" was a better insert and ending song for the movie but I guess the "Paradise" song was fun too. Whenever I hear the "Lovely Boy" song I can almost picture the group playing in that park X3

Hummm, I'm downloading the latest episode of Naruto while I wait for GX. I was gonna wait for the sub but I wanna see lots of Drunken Rock Lee fun X3 And apparently the sand trio have FINALLY come into it (*YAY GAARA!*)

I should really start cleaning my room :/
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