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Silly sites that make me get information wrong....

Hehehe, I just learned that the Yugioh movie is coming out August 13th not April like the site I got the information off said....might of been an acctidental typo on their behalf....I've acctidently written different month names often XD

And the Duel Masters that showed apparently was a movie not the show....

Oh well at least the Yugioh movie is something to look forward to for the Summer :D Maybe I'll have a multiregion DVD player by then too so can have the next two pokemon movies aswell by that time XD

I'm off to get something quick to eat, I feel tired and stuff...
....guess I should STOP going to bed at 2am.

Blah, and I don't feel like cleaning my room -_-;;

That Saiyaman place doesn't have the next Yugioh episode up but they do have the newest Naruto episode subbed...ah but I'll wait for naruto central to put up their smaller file... usually they wait for another subbing group to release theirs before they make it smaller....
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