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It's dark and morbid....

It's 11am and I have to STILL have my light on in my room, plus it's cold and gloomy and raining...I hate it when it's like this... my dad says it's gonna snow tomorrow...now either two things can happen:
1. Doesn't snow where i live like usual (*And even when it does it's not much!*) or
2. It'll snow...and it'll be just in the morning when I'm stuck in work!
*nods* yep yep *nods again*

Talking of my dad I'm gonna have to stop bugging him about what he eats...I mean I KNOW he's keeping as much freakin' sugar out of his diet as possible but for heaven's sake he has to cute colestoral too and this week I didn't see that happening too much I mean for the past TWO DAYS he's had fried egg and bacon >_< *Bangs her head against the wall* I'm just really worried he'll end up like my auntie -_-;; But I guess I'm just gonna have to stop bugging him...*sighs*...well I don't care what he says, after Christmas he's going on walks with me for exersise, he's been meaning to start that back up again anyway...too bad my brother claimed my dad's bike as his own and tore it to bits...or we could go on bike rides too in the summer -_-;; Blah....

Still haven't heard from Lycos about the billing thing, I might have to leave it until Monday and then phone them... then again I absolutly HATE the phone as most of you know >_< So maybe I'll wait for an answer... maybe I'll give them until after the new year, my next bill isn't due until mid Janurary and it gives them plenty of time to get to my e-mail cos I imagine they get a lot of people asking for help...

Talking of my site while clicking random links I noticed this site satistic thing it has which tells me the top most accsessed pages on my site AND how people get to my site... most of them it's through google...if I look monthly I've so far gotten a good number of hits from a site belonging to a member of my message board ^_^ YAY! 20 hits from people looking for "PDU Oekaki" on Google O_o;; Talking of my oekaki...only three people have entered my contest ^_^;; Eeep! And looks like once again BlackWarGreymon is in with a good chance of winning... She won the last one I had there too LOL

Anyway back to my statistics looking at it yearly I get most of my hits from Akira the marill's site ^_^ YAY! WOW! I got 40 odd hits from a Team Rocket Message board I haven't been too in well over a year...in fact must be longer....back when PDU was at angelfire...man I wish I could see what topic gave me 40 odd hits but *kicks EZBoards Long URLS* the URL got shortened so I can't...
Ah wait I see where it's come from now looking down the list of topics hehehe I saw one of my fanartists names who goes there who posted links to the art they submitted to my site ^_^ Hehehehe! Solved! Hummm maybe with my now once again increased intrest in Pokémon I'll start going there again....
Way cool and some foregin message board which I got 8 hits from was someone posting to my Midis section WOW! O_O It amazes me how many hits I get from message boards... Eee! *Squeals* It's so intresting to see where your hits come from! Anyway I'm gonna have more fun with this later....right now I've gotta go downtown ^_^
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