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More GX fangirl ramblings [Eeee! Shadow Games!]

Well it seems GX might be getting it's first serious story arc. Quite some intresting things seem to happen around episodes 29-30, according to the summeries on Janime, where Juudai has to battle in a Shadow Game against the first of seven assasins who seem to be after "three cards" that are being kept in the Academy or something like that (*I hope it's not the God Cards, yes they're fun but they had the key roles in so many of the story arcs in the last series...*) It also says Juudai and the others are "transfered seven keys" not sure what that could mean or what they could be for but it's intresting.
In this duel with the first assasin (*Who is named Darkness*) this guy holds Shou and Hayato hostage and apparnetly uses a Red Eyes Black Dragon :D YAY!
I like this sudden surge of Shadow Games cos the sad little Juudai fangirl in me wants to see how he fairs through these duels that cause real pain and stuff X3 Squee~!

Eeee! Can't wait!! X3

And....yeah that's all from me XD Just needed to ramble about it! :D
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