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Asuka and Ryou all dressed up for...er....something XD

Just posting the final lineart to my pretty picture of Asuka and Ryou:

Not sure exactly why they're dressed up so pretty like. I think I was going for a "going to a ball" kinda feel. Though I guess it's for the viewer of the art to decide since I didn't really draw it with that much of a specific idea, I just wanted to draw them all pretty like :D

On another note... it's the 1st of March already!? XD That was my reaction when I heard them say the date on the radio (*Which just goes to show I have no grasp on dates these days*) so I changed my calender (*I had Yami Marik on my wall for a month, nice huh? XD*) and now I have Tea :D

Oh and I'd just like to say, YAY! I HAVE DESTINY DEOXYS! w00t!
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