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Cartoons rock!

Ya know I am REALLY glad I decided to watch the "100 greatest cartoons" thing that was on channel four tonight, that listed so many classic cartoon I hadn't seen for AGES (*OMG! Thundercats HO!*)seriously it was much love seeing clips from these cartoons again and the people who they had speaking their opinions on them was just hillarious...like how He-man had Homosexual undertones *nods* Then again even in the new series of He-man (*Which I've only seen a few times*) I found Skeletor's campness to be the best part <3
And ya know, even though I have NEVER seen "The Magic Roundabout" I always find it amusing that when ever they hold some chart thing like this they will always say:
"The rabbit was on drugs"
and seriously....from the clips it looked like it, I mean there is a scene where he's talking about mushrooms and not making any sense. Makes me want to go out and see the new movie of it XD

Classic Ninja turtles came in at number 27 X3 Hummm, when they got to Yogi Bear a lot of people giving out views were like "He's a bear! Why isn't he killing people?"

Anime wise Pokémon got in at number 45, Princess Mononoke got in at number 21, AKIRA got in at number 16...there was some hentai movie mentioned too XD that was a lot lower down the chart, way before Pokémon was mentioned. Oh and Spirited Away did extremly good, got in at number 8 ;)

I'm not even gonna mention the adult (*VERY adult*) cartoon about a cat that they showed >>; that was disturbing...

Top ten looked like this:
10. Bugs Bunny (*Much love to this rabbit*)
9. The Incredibles (*I really need to see this movie*)
8. Spirited Away (*YAY!*)
7. The Lion King (*My all time favorite Disney Movie*)
6. Shrek (*Shrek 1 and 2 rocks!*)
5. Family Guy (*I should watch more of this show*)
4. Toy Story (*My other all time favoruite Disney movies*)
3. South Park (*I forgot how much I actually loved this show XD*)
2. Tom and Jerry (*Gotta love that cat and mouse*)
1. The Simpsons (*No suprise, though I've heard from many people the most newest episodes suck. Even my mum thinks so and to me if she thinks it has started sucking....then it has*)

Afterwards there was double episodes of South Park, I only watched the first one though. The one where they say the word "Shit" sevreal times XD

So yes, tonight I re-learned why I love cartoons so much X3 And that is all I have to ramble on about for tonight. Could watch episode 16 of FMA but it's late and I'm tired so I'll watch it tomorrow :D
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