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No naked Pharaoh-y goodness ;___;

The Duel with Dartz has now just gotten a whole lot more intresting *___*
The first observation I noted in my little notepad that I now have sitting with me through these new episodes to note down noteworthy quotes is that Dartz has a Digimon in his deck. I mean it didn't help that his Orichalcos Kyutora looked like a digimon in itself (*Big eyeball XD*) but then it digivolves *cough* I mean "evolved" into a....
No seriously, that's what it looked like, a shiny Shakkoumon (*Okay it's apparently a Pokémon aswell*) I know its design probably based on the same thing Shakkoumon is but let me have my fun.
Dartz = Disgruntaled Digi-Destined
Monster World = Digital World
It wouldn't work but DAMN in my mind it would! :D Okay so now I want to draw Digi-Destined!Dartz XP With his digivice and crest of Criminal Insanity!

Ooookay, moving on for my craziness....

Oh, oh, they showed how Dartz watched the Pharaoh in his past, they showed a few parts with Diabound, but no Theif King Bakura in sight (*Plus Diabound looked more meanacing in the AE arc*) Ah Priest Seto didn't sound like a jerk, so that will good cos Preist Seto wasn't a jerk! XP
Atemu was still so over-dramatic, especially while summoning Obelisk XD YAY! Yelling about powers of darkness or soemthing, can't quite remember.
Oh and I liked it when the Pharaoh was all like "Well why didn't you confront me back then?" and Dartz was like "There was another person trying to rule the world and quite frankly he was in my way!" (*Can't remember the exact quote so that's probably not exactly what he said ^^;*)

*cough* So the 3 legendary dragons are actually people!? Didn't see that one coming. I really did let out a "whoa!" when Peagsus said that XD They were really three brave warriors who Dartz turned into dragons, dartz your a sadictic little (*won't carry on...*) but why in the hell did the Legandary Knight Timaeus remind me of Kagurazaka? Must have been the fact that the one piece of hair sticking out from under his helment was like dark brown and he had blue eyes XD;;

Okay now for some bad news. Unless the Pharaoh goes into ultra super angst mode again, then they cut out his special angsting naked time XP All they showed was the top half of him, then there was a falling light....that was it...
....I wanted to see angsting naked Pharaoh-y goodness ;___;

Oh well it's quote time and not many by Kaiba today since he's now just an unconcious soul floating in a bubble XD

"Say something!"
"Don't screw up!"
- Pharaoh and Kaiba before Kaiba loses his soul. BEST.EXITING.LINE.EVER! I love complete ass!Kaiba I really do.

"Tell your stupid lizard to spit out my brother" - Mokuba. I think after that he added on "Before I make him" but I didn't quite catch it.

"5000 year old spirits don't just return for no reason!" - Dartz

Then you gazed in the wrong place!" - Dartz, after the Pharaoh tells him that while gazing into his own heart he found friendship and blah blah blah instead of darkness XD

Staring at your deck won't help, you have to actually PLAY something!" - Dartz. You totally rock!

So now the fate of the Pharaoh's duel lies in the hands of a magical girl XD
That's all until tomorrow. I think we have three episodes left? Or maybe just two? Not sure, but I heard the KC Grand Prix episodes haven't started production yet so we probably won't get those, which means a looooong wait for the last season to come around.

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