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YAY! I joined my first fanlisting ever!
I was just surfing around and found a listing for Juudai so I thought "What the heck" and joined it XD I have a link to it in my user info now. Can you believe that counting me there are only TWO people who come from the UK who are listed as fans of him. Juudai needs more UK fans! There was like 17 listed for the USA XD (*The other UK fan is a freakin' awesome artist too!*)

Hummm and while I was editing my user info I finally got round to changing what my comment links say. I hadn't changed them since changing my layout from Fullmetal Alchemist to this Yugioh GX-ish one, so now the comment link says "Get on the deck" cos that is the best Yugioh GX song lyric EVER! XD

Okay...I should like....sleep or something now.... XD
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