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No training for me XD

Well the training I mentioned in my last entry never happened XD Apparently they were short staffed today so I had to stay on the checkouts, fair enough, I'll just have to make sure they put me down for training on another day, don't want it to come in March and me not know what the hell to do (*Doesn't look that hard but I have a feeling there are some hidden things behind it which makes it hard *lol*) I can't remember which day in March it's coming though. I'm at work tomorrow then off all next week....hummmm...

I ordered the 3rd Uncut Yu-Gi-Oh DVD earlier. Eeee! I'm hoping to get it next week but the dispatch date isn't until the 1st of March, but I'm using the same place I used for ordering Destiny Deoxys and they dispatched that before the estimated dispatch date (*Which was only like the next day anyway...but still*) so guess we'll see :D

Ya know....I really want to draw a pretty picture of Ryou and Asuka for some reason XD;;
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