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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 21 - Getting pwn3d by the smart guy!

Gah, my parodies really suck this week so there's only two XP


Now onto this week episode review thingy!
Warning: I wrote this really late last night while REALLY tired so I rambled.... about a lot of crap *lol*

So we start this episode at the academy port where Tome-san is directing a bunch of people who are coming off a ship carrying boxes and stuff. As she does there is a mysterious gurgle heard in the water behind her. She hears it and looks round, but it stops and there is nothing there. So she's soon back telling the guys with the boxes to hurry up XD
We then see a very mysterious shadow swim through the water by the small lighthouse thingy. Soon a man with long hair and stubble climbs out of the water, he says his name but I can't quite catch it (*Sounds like "Kunisaki" but it might not be that so I'll just call him the pervert just for laughs XD*)

Well next we go into the academy where the staff (*Plus Ryou Marufuji*) are having some kind of meeting which I assume is about the duel to see who will represent their school in the match with the North School? I imagine so. Seems like it's up to Ryou to pick a candidate and he names Yuuki Juudai XD Poor Chronos looks like he's about to have a heart attack and a number of the other staff are just going "Yuuki Juudai?" But they need another candidate so after thinking Chronos suggests Misawa Daichi.
Just stopping there for a moment I'd like to note that their table they're sat around is shaped like a "0". I don't know why but I'm terribly amused by that.

Knights of the "0" shaped table?

Then again I WAS the person who was amused by Ryou's pink bed sheets last week >>;
So Chronos feels the need to climb into the middle of their 0 shaped table and walk up to the principle. The principle asks Ryou (*Does he make all the decisions for them?*) and he simply nods.

Meanwhile the pervert is sneaking around the school and into the locker rooms. While there he opens a locker up (*Can't really be a locker if it ain't locked*) and takes out an osiris Red coat that just happens to be his size (*I feel sorry for the guy who it belonged too, coming back and finding his coat is stolen XD*)

"Lookie! It's just my size! Wheeee!"

Next we join a class full of students as Juudai points to himself and says "Ah, me?" Daitokuchi mentions Misawa too who happens to be sat right behind Juudai. Juudai turns around and give his the most goofiest grin he can and he seems to stay like that for some time, as the class is soon empty and he's still grinning like a Cheshire cat. He and Misawa talk for a while (*About his 7th deck I believe*) before they both knock their fists together all pal-like X3

"Huh? Me?"

Just cos his grin here is so teh uber cute!

Awwwww, they look all pal-like!

Anyway back with the pervert, he's wandering down the school hallway now dressed in his stolen Osiris Red coat, but finds that he not only gets the cold shoulder by Obelisk students, but also from one from Ra Yellow too XD As he's pushed away by the Ra Yellow student Juudai and co spot him and Juudai walks up to him with a very serious yet strange look on his face, it then changes to a smile before he starts patting the man on the back and shaking his hand all friendly like, before leading him off to god knows where, making his friends run off after him XD

Juudai: - "You have really soft hands!"
Pervert: - "Er thanks....I think..."

As the sun is setting the pervert looks down at the food he has been given in the dining area of the Osiris Red dorms with a rather....uncomfortable look. Meanwhile Juudai, who is sat across from him, is gobbling down the food like it would run away if he didn't XD


"I'm gonna die of food poisioning..."

Anyway as night sets in, Juudai is sorting out his cards for his duel with Misawa, as Shou, Hayato and pervert guy are watching. And hey look, Osiris Red DO have a TV in their dorm rooms, I have never noticed that before. Course it's not a flat screen like Obelisk and Ra have but it's a TV never the less. Their room also looks bigger at this angle....and hey, look, a bookcase! I wonder what kinda books they have...
....okay, okay, I'll stop analyzing rooms and stuff....for now....XD

Osiris Red Dorm Room

So Juudai finishes putting his deck together and brushes it off all happy like. Meanwhile, pervert guy seems very uninterested and it's then he spots "Skyscraper" on the floor beside him. Now we cue an awesome flashback made out of still pictures! YAY!

So there is pervert guy, standing in a city with a crowd behind him, he draws a card or something, but oh NOES! There is a huge explosion from his opponent who's standing very confident and smug-like before him with a long flowing coat and large dragon and....wait....smug like....long coat....dragon....
...I dunno, it's hard to make out but my first thought is that guy he's facing is....KAIBA. The dragon certainly looks like a BEWD to me. Now THIS would explain why this guy is sneaking around the academy I think, since the academy belongs to Kaiba....ooooh yes, lets find some dirt on the school that is owned by the very guy who defeated you. THAT would make sense XD
Anyway pervert guy is left devastated and on his knees...awwwww :( He got owned by Kaiba, or a Kaiba look-a-like, or somebody who probably doens't even look remotly like Kaiba and it's my mind playing tricks on me O___O;

"Behold, for this will be my greatest triumph EVER!"


Anyone else see a Kaiba looking figure here?


Anyway, while pervert guy is having an angst moment Juudai comes up beside him (*He keeps calling pervert guy a name but I don't have a clue what it is*) whatever Juudai keeps calling him, pervert guy snaps back about it and accidentally lets his real name slip XD Juudai now calls him by his name and points out the Skyscraper card. I think pervert guy then tells the boys that he doesn't duel so Shou seems to ask why he's at the Duel Academy *lol* Well pervert guy seems to think of a good excuse which Hayato seems to agree with, quite strongly I might add, mentioning Juudai which makes him blush XD Awwwwwww. Then Shou starts yapping on about Juudai's duel, I guess maybe telling pervert guy he should watch and also be enlightened by Juudai's l33t dueling skillz?
Anyway the rest of their conversation I think they mention something about the forbidden dorm since that's where we go in the next scene XD

Ah yes, the forbidden dorm, how I have missed ye and your potential to be an awesome storyline~! <3 Asuka is once again outside it, laying down one single rose for her brother who disappeared there. She then hears a noise behind her, she asks who's there and of course pervert guy comes out all cool like, they talk and whatever he says pisses Asuka off quite a bit and leaves. Pervert guy doesn't seem to care as he gets out a camera and starts taking photos of the dorm. Strange enough his camera also seems to have the ability to take photos of the inside while he's stood several feet from it outside...
...I want that camera!

"Do you have a death wish?"

Smile for the camera!

Forbidden Dorm

Inside the Forbidden Dorm

Anyway now we hop skip and jump to the Ra Yellow dorms where we join Misawa, who is actually making use of the computer in his room. He's looking up profiles of some of Juudai's fusion monsters (*Flame Wingman and Thunder Giant to be exact*) he then sits back in his chair and sighs while in thought. After a while he seems to come to a conclusion so goes back to typing on the keyboard (*Which has light up keys by the way, very fancy*) he then seems to have cracked his solution to Juudai's fusion monsters....he then laughs and I must say, if Misawa was to ever turn evil (*Like into a mad mathematical scientist or something who tries to take over the world with numbers :D *) he's got the evil laugh down to a "T".

Misawa Daichi's room - at least he doesn't have pink bed sheets XD

So it's the next day and Juudai is eating....again. In fact he's eating the same damn thing he had yesterday which is the same damn thing that was in like, episode 2... wow... they don't get much variety in what they eat O_o; Everyday it's raw fish, rice, brown soup and some....yellow stuff...
Anyway after a while Shou realizes that the pervert guy is missing...come to think of it, where is the rest of the dorm? Still in bed? XD

Shou: - "Don't talk with your mouth full!"

Anyway we then go to the arena where the duel is being held. After Chronos' rather over dramatic start to the show he soon introduces the competitors, Misawa Daichi from Ra Yellow and Osiris Red's Yuuki Juudai. Misawa and Juudai both look eager to go as Shou gives a shout of good luck to Juudai. Ryou, meanwhile, joins Asuka, but she's still pissed off from last night's encounter with pervert guy. Ryou seems to pick up on this but Asuka just tells him it's nothing and gives him a smile. I don't think Ryou looks all that convinced.
Ya know, people see them as a potential couple, which is sweet, but they seem to have quite a brother/sister feel to me, which would be understandable. Maybe Ryou is kinda filling in for Fubuki's absence. I dunno, tis just the feeling I got from this scene, a kind of "Older brother" vibe from Ryou himself towards Asuka. After all the two seems so naturally comfortable around each other. They can confine in each other and often angst together by that damn lighthouse, but here is Asuka also trying to hide what's bothering her from Ryou which isn't working cos I have a feeling he knows her too well and can read her like a book.
My god I have to stop rambling on like this....XD;; It was just a sweet scene, that's all ^^;

Anyway pervert guy is up to no good while everyone is watching the duel. He shakes off flashbacks of Juudai and makes it to what looks like the library. He spots a computer and after plugging up a device to it he starts trying to hack into it.

Yes, pervert guy is in this picture twice...he made it hard to put together, the idiot XP Panned image of the library anyway!

L33t Hacking skillz!

So the duel finally starts!
It's Misawa's turn first and he plays a monster which I can only guess that it's name is "Carbondon" or something like that. Juudai takes his turn and plays Burst lady, he has her attack and destroy Misawa's monster then plays one card face down before ending his turn.
Misawa's turn and he seems to have drawn the card he will need later on, but for now he plays Oxygendon....or whatever it's called. He declares an attack on Burst Lady but Juudai pulls a trap "Hero Barrier" that protects Burst Lady. Misawa then puts one card face down and ends his turn.

Misawa and Carbondon

Asuka and Ryou are still watching and analyzing the duel as they usually do. To me Ryou still seems rather suspicious of Asuka, not sure if it was because of something she said here or not *shrugs*

Asuka: - "What?"

Juudai's turn and he plays Sparkman and equips it with sparkgun to turn Oxygendon to defense mode, he then has Burst Lady attack it. Hummm, Fire attacking Oxygen.... that's not a good thing O_o;
Sure enough after a little while the flames cover them both (*And nearly scorch Hayato and Shou*) and they both lose equal lifepoints. Now Juudai can declare a direct attack on Misawa, lowering his life points more. Hahaha, Chronos starts panicking and the way he's rubbing his hair makes it look like he's got head lice or something XD


Anyway Misawa's turn and he plays Hydrodon (*Whatever, I need to learn these monster names*), he has it attack Burst lady, who is then destroyed. He then plays ANOTHER Hyrdrodon, then plays a magic card which has a picture of some kind of lizard wearing a tuxedo on it XD This allows him to get back and play Oxygendon...and for those of us who paid attention in science we all know what 2 Hydrogen's and an oxygen makes, don't we? Yep, he plays the magic card "Bonding H2O" and out comes WATER DRAGON!

"Ph34r my Water Dragon Blast no Justu!"

Juudai takes his turn and draws his fusion card....oh how he thinks he's gonna get the upper hand with this poor poor Juudai *Shakes head* Well he plans on fusing together Featherman, Bubbleman and Sparkman to create Tempest and so goes to activate Fusion but Misawa soon jumps in with a trap....
...a trap to seal....
...FUSION! (*Enter dramatic music here*)
Oh Juudai, how screwed you are right now XD And I think he knows it as he pulls some pretty shocked faces *lol*

"I'm so screwed right now!"

And there it ends for another week XP
Well at least next week we get to see a new E-Hero monster, Wildman! :D YAY!

Also got some new icons from this episode. I downloaded a new pixel font which i just love and have over used here XD

2 - Pervert Guy
1 - Juudai
1 - Misawa
1 - Juudai and Misawa
1 - Asuka
1- Ryou
1 - Asuka and Ryou

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6. 7. 8.
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