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Original Characters XD

Ya know, I didn't realize how long it had been since I had last drawn this little guy X3

For anyone unfamiliar with him (*Which would probably be most of you*) Herbie is just a little character of mine. He's an orange walking, talking hamster who has even less sanity than I do XD Guess you could say he is my insane side....ah but he looks all serious and calm in my picture here XD Meh just suddenly felt like doodling him for no real reason <3 One day I'll have to do up to date pictures of all my characters, I always have a fear of someone stealing them ya see, even though my characters suck XD Tis why i don't do much in the way of original stuff (*Not that herbie is all that original, he looks like the cross between Pikachu and a Hamtaro hamster *lol*) But my characters all have their own little quirks and tiny stories, most even have families created for them, like Herbie, he has a father who is an artist (*Harrison*) a mother (*Sunny*) and older sister (*Raine*) and a baby brother (*Tobias*)
Ah then there is Allison "Allie" Foxglove who lives in a large dysfuntional rich family XD But she's ya typical tomboy-ish girl who hates the rich lifestyle and would rather hangout with two losers *lol*

Yes, I'll have to do up to date colour pictures of them all for a laugh X3

Gonna sleep now XD
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