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Ramblings on Various things XP

Damn this snow is irratating, all it does is snow a little bit, then melt, then snow, then melt, then snow, then melt again ARGH! >>; I can't get any pretty snow photos like that...or build snow sculptures, suuuure a place like York gets 4 inches and we get barely anything...
....my home town sucks with everything...

Ya know, since I work in a supermarket it's hard NOT to hear about this whole thing with the foods contaminated with this Sudan 1 stuff. If I remember it got into some kind of Worcester sauce or something used to flavor a hell of a lot of things so now lotsa foods (*Especially ready meals*) right down to Pot Noodles and Walkers Worcester sauce flavored crisps are effected. Freakin' scary stuff O_O; I mean come on, this stuff is used in petrol and floor polishes for heaven's sake >>; And ya know, just looking through lists of things that have been recalled for one thing or another just shows what we're eating really isn't that safe half the time XP
But that's the world for you *sighs and notes that she's gonna get a nice healthy salad sandwich when she's in town today*

Ya know, listening to the battle music from Pokémon Colosseum really makes me want to play the game, I can't even remember where I got to in it XD I always though the storyline for that game was awesome (*And the fact that you start off with an Umbreon and an Espeon rocked!*)

YAY! Just ordered Destiny Deoxys X3 Had to do it through amazon cos United Publications doesn't have it yet, but never mind XD They hid the damn thing through like 4 pages of Pokémon DVDs too -_-;; Usually new releases are listed on the first damn page of the search....ah well. Hopefully I'll be getting that sometime next week. The 3rd uncut Yu-Gi-Oh DVD should be released today aswell X3 Squeee~!
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