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"This is a contest of freaks!"

Blah, I've been feeling so crappy all day...stupid headache which is making me feel sick >_< Had it all through work and so when I got home I took some Paracetamol and went to bed XD Slept on and off for about two hours and a half, mostly cos it was too warm to get out *lol*

I've done the Dub!Love quote icons for Fullmetal Alchemist episodes 14 and 15, they're all crappy but I didn't feel like working to much on them and making them fancy ^^; I'll post them tomorrow anyway, depending on how I feel.

Oh and work has given me another week off, which is next week... I'm not sure where all these holidays are coming from O_o; But who am I to question a week off, hehehe! :D

Okay gonna crawl off to bed now and hope I don't have this headache and sick feeling tomorrow >>; Blah....
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