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Dartz is teh evil! (*Plus another werid dream*)

WOW! Dartz your just...so insane and evil O_o; Putting Yugi and co's souls in your little monsters? Screwing over Alister, Valon and Rapheal's lives? Angering Rapheal again so he gets captured by the Orichalcos seal? And ya know what...you were a pretty pathetic king XP
Ah but you make a good villian XD

And here once again are noteworthy quotes...from Kaiba...again....cos he gets all the good lines XD

"Please tell me story time is over..." - I guess Dartz's story was boring him.
"So you've got a dweeb army!" - His reaction to Dartz's monsters with Yugi and Co's souls inside XD
"Do you realize you're talking to a hologram with your head on it!" - His reaction to the Pharaoh talking to Yugi *lol*

And DUDE! Time for weird dreams again! This one was all over the place and I don't remember much but I remember that it starts with a duel, Shou against both Juudai and Hayato and Juudai somehow summons Osiris....not sure how he managed to get and summon the thing but this is a dream so it doesn't have to make sense XD But then Osiris runs away so Juudai runs off to look at it. In his hand he's holding some kind of trap card under a piece of cloth.

So he goes to this house and walks into the bathroom where Chronos is. For some odd reason Chronos is putting some Duel Monster cards in a bath full of water (*And bubbles*) Juudai asks why he's doing that and Chronos explains but I don't think his explaination can be heard. Then Daitokuchi comes in for some odd reason.

I guess Juudai carries on with his search for Osiris but he's wandering about in the cold with nothing on his feet....why I have no idea, so he goes back to his dorm which is more like a house *lol* Then I remember Daitokuchi lurking outside their dorm and Juudai, who seems rather pissed off now, just snaps at him and he makes Daitokuchi CRY XD Juudai feels instantly bad about doing that but then Bill Clinton appears yapping on about children and chocolate and then there is this pen full of Chocolate in their dorm (*Hummm, chocolate*) Anyway they are trying to help Bill Clinton find something in this pen of Chocolate talking about children who might of stolen some chocolate....okay then some girl appears and she seems to really have a liking towards Juudai but ya know him, he's not one to notice XD So when she has to leave she is not happy.
And it all ends there...

I've stopped trying to understand my dreams, I really have XD

Oh well, time to get ready for work.
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