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Just rambling as usual...

Well well we're finally getting into the final duel with Dartz here in England :D YAY! Pharaoh and Kaiba tag team *lol* and I must say Raphael looks much better with a smile on his face X3

Note worthy Quotes:
"Usually doesn't it put on a big green laser show?" - Tea when the Orichalcos seal fails to capture Raphael's soul.

"Let's go dorks, MOVE!" - Kaiba, if there was ever a doubt XD

"We've arrived at the heart of evil!"
"Do you always have to be so dramatic...?"
- Pharaoh and kaiba as they arrive at Dartz place!

"Do you guys feel that?"
"If you mean the sudden drop of temprature and the evil freaky vibe in the air then yes, I do"
- Mokuba and Tristan XD

Can't believe we're so close to the end of DOMA O_O; Means we have an uber long wait for the last season though XP

I also watched Teen titans today XD Ah that show is funny! I then watched Rave Master afterwards for the first time... the manga really IS better...and the opening theme really sucks ^^; I prefer the Japanese one XD

Ya know, I think my dad wants me to clean my bedroom today...I wonder what the chances of that happening are. Then again i really need to make room for mangas and stuff ^^;
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