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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 20 - JUUUDAI-SAMAAA!!!1!

Boy I had to force myself to limit which clips I did this week or I probably would have done the whole episode XD Nah I have a good amount of clips this week to make up for not having many last week. Today I have 3 (*Well 4 clips but one file is two clips together*) and the next episode preview. I had so much fun with these XD
As with last week, you can get the parody clips here (*Last weeks clip is now deleted*):


Now onto ze review!

...this episode was PURE CRACK! There's no other way to describe it XD

So anyway we start off as the sun is setting on a beautiful evening while all the Osiris Red students are eating in the dining area. As they do Daitokuchi announces their new student Rei. A very small and seemingly shy boy. For some odd reason Juudai seems to feel the need to make himself known as he throws his arms up into the air, yelling like an idiot before running up to Rei and starts patting his back in a reassuring manner, safe to say he scares him and he moves and hides behind Daitokuchi XD;;

In the end Rei is put into Juudai and co's room. There is an extra bed in there now which takes up quite a bit of room XD;; Hayato and Shou both look at the bed all unsure like while Rei apologizes to them. Juudai, as usual, doesn't seem phased by the events as he takes his jacket off and throws it onto the bed. Rei looks down at it then back up at Juudai who is now halfway done taking his shirt off XD (*FANSERVICE! w00t!*) I take it at this point they're gonna go take a bath though Rei doesn't seem to want to go.

Anyway we next join Juudai, Hayato and Shou as they are in the hot spring baths rubbing each other's backs. They're sat there talking about Rei before they turn around and continue washing each other's backs, then Juudai realizes that he is washing someone's back yet Shou and Hayato are behind him and right in front of him is a....BEAR and in front of the bear is a SEAL...
...told you this episode was crack XD

The next day all the students are being addressed by the principle for....some reason I don't understand XD As he's yapping on Rei looks towards the Kaiser as Shou tells him that Ryou is his brother. After the principle finishes yapping about something or other Juudai appears between Shou and Rei looking really psyched, he then notices Rei is looking towards the Kaiser with a slight blush on her cheeks and he's all like "Hummmmm...?" and looks a bit puzzled.

Anyway Juudai, Shou and Hayato leave the main Academy building, talking about Ryou....then Tome-San...then the eggbread XD It's then they see Rei run past them acting kinda suspicious like, so Juudai decides to follow. Anyway he follows him all the way to the Obelisk Blue dorms...well...mansion XD and spots Rei up a tree climbing onto one the balconies. Juudai follows suit and also climbs up onto the balcony. He looks through the open door/window thing and witnesses Rei opening the draw on Ryou's bed side cabinet O_O;;

Okay I wanna just stop there as I want to note that not only does Ryou have a large bedroom, complete with a green sofa, flat screen TV and a laptop, he also has a bed which has PINK SHEETS! Dude! Seriously, you wouldn't of thought this was a guy's room O_o;

Anyway Juudai watches as Rei takes out Ryou's deck from his draw and looks at his cards and Juudai wonders what he's up too. Juudai's face then becomes shocked as Rei...hugs...the deck... XD Poor Juudai, he stumbles back onto the balcony not looking exactly sure what to make of that *lol* But he has no time to dwell upon what the hell Rei is doing as he hears voices...Ryou is coming back along with three other Obelisk Blue students O_O With that Juudai runs into the room and mentions something about a spy which Rei responds denying it. As the laughter of the obelisk Blue students gets closer, Juudai quickly grabs Rei and pulls her but this sudden jerk makes her hat fall off, a hair clip fall out and a sea of blue hair fall down. Juudai looks back in shock as he sees that Rei isn't a boy....he's a GIRL!
Rei quickly grabs her hat and runs off, Juudai gives chase but stops on the balcony as the shout from one of the Obelisk Blue guys sounds from behind him.
Hahaha, he's in trouble XD

Yes they see the cards all over the floor and instantly accuse him of being a spy which Juudai tells them that isn't it, but whatever reason he gives them for being there they don't believe him. Juudai then tries to jump off the balcony but the three Obelisk Blue students grab his coat...he ain't going anywhere XD
As Juudai still pleads his innocence Ryou looks down at the mess on his floor and spots a hair clip. The three Obelisk Blue guys then start dragging Juudai across the floor by his legs *lol* But then Ryou tells them to let him go. Juudai runs off as he picks up the hair clip.
Juudai leaves the place as Rei watches him.

That night Ryou and Asuka have their usual angst-fest by the lighthouse thing as Ryou shows the hair clip to Asuka.

Back at the Osiris Red dorms Shou comes through the door and wonders where Juudai is. Juudai is stood at the bottom of the cliff with Rei, he's holding a backpack in his hand. He eventually takes out a duel disk and challenges Rei to a duel XD (*Ah any excuse for a duel is good enough for him*) Meanwhile Shou and Hayato are watching from the cliff top. Ryou and Asuka eventually join them as the duel starts.

Rei goes first and plays a very pretty looking girl monster and of course Shou seems pretty smitten with the monster:
SHOU: Ah, Cuuuuuute!

Anyway Rei ends her turn and now it's Juudai's turn as he draws Featherman, so he plays that. Juudai declares and attack as the wind Featherman creates hits the girl monster and she just collapses to her knees squealing XD Rei's life points reduce to 3400 but the monster isn't destroyed then I think Rei mentions some effect her monster has. At this moment the background goes all very sparkly and pink as Hane Kuriboh pops up and points as if to say "Lookie at that!" Juudai looks at what the fluffball is pointing at and sees Featherman suddenly get down on one knee to ask if Rei's monster is okay, he looks completely smitten.


Her monster then throws a love heart at Featherman which appears on the left of his chest XD;;

Anyway it's Rei's turn and she uses some weird (*Yet cute*) magic card that makes a little cherub appear and kiss her maiden monster on the cheek then she declares and attack. The scene goes all pink and sparkly again as the maiden runs towards Featherman shouting "FEEEEATHERMAN-SAAAAAN~!" she then trips up and starts crying XD Ah poor Featherman, he's completely smitten by this monster so when she tells him to attack Juudai, he does exactly that XD

Juudai takes his turn and plays Sparkman then tells him to attack Featherman. Rei pulls a trap called "Defense maiden" which has her monster block the attack. The maiden falls to her knees and the scene goes uber sparkly again as featherman seems quite annoyed at Sparkman for attacking and now it's Sparkman's turn to come under the maiden's spell XD Poor Juudai.

Rei next plays a magic card called Happy marriage and....marries the maiden and Featherman!? Oh dear, this is too much XD It ups the maidens attack points anyway. The maiden then runs towards Sparkman and...falls over, using the same trick to get Sparkman to attack Juudai (*Gee she just got married to featherman, then she flirts with Sparkman straight afterwards!? What the hell!?*) She then has featherman attack too *lol*

Rei now removes her hat and bandana that she was using to hold her hair back, allowing her hair to fall down and blow in the wind.

Juudai takes his next turn and draws one of his fusion cards, he then plays Burst Lady. The scene goes sparkly as Burst Lady looks at Featherman and Sparkman with her arms crossed, flames appearing around her. Juudai plays some magic card for her which returns Featherman and Sparkman to his hand. Ah, the two come out of their illusion and both hold their heads and Burst Lady seems to order them to come back and they cannot come back fast enough XD (*Well we now know who wears the trousers in THAT deck, huh?*)

Anyway then he fuses together Burst lady and Featherman and has Flame Wingman finish Rei off XD YAY!

Juudai says his catchphrase to her then points out that Ryou and the others are behind her. She stands up and says "Ryou-sama" while blushing and the look on Ryou's face is just freakin' adorable XD Asuka just laughs. They all then talk a hell of a lot, Rei expressing her feelings towards Ryou (*Poor Ryou :D*) Then they talk about the duel a bit before Rei accuses Asuka of being her love rival XD Cute! Anyway as Ryou addresses Rei she pushes Asuka aside but Ryou gives her back her hair clip and tells her to go home cos you see...
....she's from the 5th grade *lol*
Juudai's expression to that bit of news is hilarious, he's all like: "HUUUUUUH!?" and Shou and Hayato are like: "ARRRRRGHHHHH!!!"
Rei just stands there and laughs XD She then apologizes (*While sticking her tounge out at him*) and says Juudai's phase (*And does his pose*) back to him making juudai just fall to the floor (*Hey she did it better than kagurazaka did last week*)

Anyway the next morning the group are saying bye to Rei as she leaves on a boat and she' shouts out to them calling Juudai "Juudai-Sama!!" *lol* Poor Juudai, the victim of so much crack in one episode XD;;

Oh well Misawa VS. Juudai in the next episode! YAY!

Man I could make so many icons out of those shots XD Still need to do the FMA dub love icons for episode 14 too XD
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