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No GX yet but I swam over to the official Yu-Gi-Oh page to take a look at the preview for the next episode. Juudai VS. Daichi is gonna be so awesome but more intresting than that is the strange guy with stubble posing as an Osiris Red student *lol* Dude, he looks like he's up to no good going around the academy with a...camera...
Blah, my dad is off work tomorrow I think, for some odd reason he's alays been off work when I need to do the voice acting (*If you can call it Voice acting*) for my GX parodies, I hate doing it when there are people in the house >>; Especially if I have to raise my voice for whatever reason... ah well guess I'll have to bare with that XD It's not like he hasn't heard me say stupid stuff to the computer before now. He's come up numerous times asking "Who are you talking to", my reply:
"The computer..." *lol*

I hear episode 20 was freakin' hillarious so I may get some good clips from it :D
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