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Fanart Dump!

*yawns* Well no GX episode yet so I'm off to bed in the hopes it's up by early tomorrow morning X3 But before I go to bed I'll post some links to the fanart I managed to finish off today while being really bored *lol*

-Bleach- Life is like a Boat
W00t! First fully coloured Bleach picture from me! XD Just Ichigo, Rukia and Kon looking a bit stranded on a boat while pesky spirits are being a bit bothersome XD Inspired by the 1st ending theme song ^_^

--Yu-Gi-Oh GX-- Group picture
Yes I have FINALLY finished the group picture I was drawing all the characters for! This piccie is rather large (*Sized at my desktop size which is 1024 X 768*) Oh and if Pharaoh the cat looks to large, it's cos he's stood on a box *nods* Well....okay it's cos it's an error that I realized to late, but the box excuse works too XD

--Yu-Gi-Oh GX-- Kagurazaka
Cos Kagu-copy boy needed some fanart love for being so damn clueless XD Plus he really does look cool in that scarf *__*


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