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My dreams just get weirder....

Hummm, I gotta stop thinking about Yu-Gi-Oh GX before I go to bed, just shows how completely obsessed I am with the show when my dreams decide to do their own version of the next episode....although I really don't think that Kaiser Ryou is going to have a dream in the episode where the Digimon Kaiser walks into his room utterly naked... XD;; He had some nice abs too which was...weird... I'm not questioning the dreams Ryou Marufuji has in my own dreams though so....yeah >>; Poor guy was worrying about these dreams as well, like what they meant *lol*

Yeah and the others were in the dream somewhere too. Juudai was like going to take a bath and of course the girl dressed as a boy character "Rei" didn't want to go in....then she and Juudai fell down this huge hole into a really dark and danky stone corridor and Rei woke up to see a Kuriboh with rather large eyes looking down at her XD

Okay now I've told you once again how strangly weird and disturbing my dreams can be I'm off to post the Digimon X-Evolution movie to Aris (*Sorry it took a while*) and get some more bedding for the hamster ^^;
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