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Naruto is Finally Licensed XD

Apparently Naruto has FINALLY been licensed, by ShoPro or Viz or whatever the hell it's supposed to be XD All I care is that I'm glad it wasn't 4Kids *lol* (*Meh, I knew 4Kids probably wouldn't get it anyway*) Guess it being Viz and all it's gonna be like the manga XD All together now "NINJA CENTERFOLD!!"
Meh I don't care either way, I look forward to seeing the dub if and when I can (*Cos ya know how sucky England is for anime, it most likely won't air on TV over here and we'll be getting the DVDs two years after everywhere else XP*) I'm gonna continue downloading it, probably stick to the raws from now on though, starting from tomorrow ^^ Hehehe!
News article at this address for those intrested and who haven't seen it: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/pressrelease.php?id=851

In other news my hamster seems quite determined to destory her cage right now. She managed to get another one of the red pieces of plastic off which was around the end of one of her tubes so I had to take that off her >>; Now she's chewing the tubes instead...
Guess she's just in a destructive mood XD

I think right now I'll just go to bed, I have a headache which is making me feel uber crappy XP

Therefore I'll leave with this final thought:
Why in the hell does the Yu-Gi-Oh Background music named "Karei naru Mai" remind me of "The Sims" everytime it plays?
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