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"The dork-fest continues..."

So now it's the Pharaoh VS. Raphael, nothing much to report except I want to steal the five Kuriboh brothers and keep them as pets X3 And Kaiba got all the best lines:

"Just my luck! The dork-fest continues..."
"What happened to Wheeler? Did baby need a nap?"

Ah Kaiba, how I love you and hate you at the same time~! *sniggers* "Dork-fest"

Oh forgot to mention the part where the Pharaoh saved the Dark Magician Girl from being destoryed by using a magic card that....
....turned her into a pidgeon for one turn.
I loved that XD

Hummm, some time today I should clear out my computer of all the media stuff I have...

Can't wait to see the new FMA episode, I want to hear Envy's voice <3

Oh and I gotta remember to watch that Friends spin off show tonight about Joey. If anyone who reads this has seen it....is it any good?
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