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YAY! Fullmetal Alchemist!

Wheee! Got the first Fullmetal Alchemist DVD plus the box and OST X3 I'm so happy! Just watched through all the episodes and noted down some more quotes for my "Dub!Love" icon collection, just need to find the fansubs now so I can take screen captures for them XD Couldn't find that disk the other day.
My dad apparently reconizes the "Melissa" theme tune, but I think that's cos he was often in the kitchen when I watched the fansubs on my DVD player, back when I first got into the show and was trying to catch up with the first 20 or so episodes.

And also here is lovely comment from my dad:
"If they want the Philosopher's Stone, shouldn't they talk to Harry Potter?"

XD I was trying to get my dad intrested in the show but he takes a disintrest in all anime, no matter what.

Oooh, I am SO ordering Destiny Deoxys and the 3rd Uncut Yu-Gi-Oh DVD from this United Publications place when they're released X3 I think Destiny Deoxys comes out on the 15th and the 3rd Uncut yugioh DVD on the 22nd.

And no....
...I haven't braved taking off the Adult Swim stickers yet XD;; I don't want to mess up the pretty box ;_;
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