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"Look what the Orichalcos dragged in..."

The Seal of Orichalcos takes two souls in two episodes, it's working overtime apparently. Least Valon can't go "Yap yap yap I'm doing this for YOU Mai Yap yap!!" anymore XD Okay I did feel worry for the guy but that was annoying. The Mai VS Joey duel was much better cos it only lasted like an episode and a half XD And it takes Joey's soul going bye-bye before Mai realizes that she has been a complete jerk, good for her.

And what the hell was up with Tea, Tristan and the Pharaoh? They spent all these dueling episodes just running around the city like headless chickens and they never seemed to get any closer to Joey. It's like they saw a light so they ran supposedly to where they saw it, then later on they saw the Seal of Orichalcos activating and it was about the same distance away as the earlier light...
...they need some kind of direction skills.
Then they got to Joey too late XD

Note worthy Quotes:
"Look what the Orichalcos dragged in" - Dartz when he sees Valon's soul got captured.
"Evening. Is there something I can help you boys with?" - Kaiba to the Orichalcos soldiers. It's weird cos it sounded like that line was supposed to be cool and threatening but it just....wasn't.
"Sure I'm about to pass out, but this is fun!" - Joey to Mai suring their duel. I can understand better now why people say Juudai has a similar attitude as Joey does XD One difference being though is that Joey does angst while Juudai doesn't XD

Oh well next two episodes tomorrow :D
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