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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episode 19 - Shou X Dark Magician Girl? WTF!?

I've only done one this week but here is the newest GX video parody. It's just for the preview for episode 20, I want to see how well it fair's on Luna's account and make sure it doesn't affect anything :D Thanks again to Luna for letting me upload these!

http://www.szfsoft.com/sapphireluna/togepi/gx/gx.htm <--- There be the link! They will be uploaded to this address from now on, they're only up for a week so get 'em while ya can!

Anyway I wrote up the summery and did the screenshots last night but it was too late to post it (*Plus I kept getting a stomach ache, not nice >_<*)

Time for another GX review and all I gotta say overall is...
...Kagurazaka....you need help....seriously.

So we start where we left off, Kagurazaka is at 4000 life points, Juudai at 1300, we can tell by that who is owning who right? Well Juudai makes a pretty impressive comeback....at first anyway XD At this point, before he does his turn, Juudai seems convinced he's dueling against Yugi at first this seems to make him uber happy (*What doesn't make him uber happy?*) so with his spirits rising he starts off his turn and draws none other than Hane Kuriboh, so he summons the flying fluffball then places a card face down and ends his turn.

Ph43r my flying FLUFFBALL!

Kagu-copy guy is all like "Hane Kuriboh, huh...?" he then draws his card and what do ya know it's KURIBOH and so he summons his own little fluffball.
Anybody suddenly want to see a Fluffball VS Fluffball fight to the death?
Anyway he tells his Magician of Black Chaos or whatever it's called to attack Burst lady who is sat doing nothing in defense mode, but HA-HA Juudai has a trap, a trap which seems to feature a look-a-like of Ash Ketchum on it!
No seriously, look!

It's Ash Ketchum!

Not exactly sure what it does, but it's called "Super Junior..." er...something and it seems to let Juudai choose which of Kagu-copy guy's monsters attacks which of his own? Or lets him control one of Kagu's monsters? Ah either way Juudai has Kagu's Kuriboh attack and destroy Hane Kuriboh XD FIGHTING FLUFFBALLS....well actually Kuriboh just flies into Hane Kuriboh and the little thing goes poof, but the idea of little fluffballs fighting is amusing enough.
Anyway kagu-copy guy tuts in annoyance and lays a card face down, ending his turn.


Juudai plays Pot of Greed, he then plays bubbleman, then Skyscraper (*Which is such an awesome card*), he then equips Bubbleman with "Bubble Shooter" he then has Bubbleman shoot at Kagu's poor defenseless little Kuriboh...
...well, don't feel sorry for it, cos Kagu plays "Multiply" and he gets four little Kuriboh's instead! Juudai is all like "WHAT!?"
Oh yes, Kagu seems impressed with that play as Bubbleman's attacks hits one and destroys it.
and then....there were THREE!

Juudai curses and places a card face down and ends his turn.

Anyway Kagu-copy guy plays some magic card that seems to allow them both to draw a certain amount of cards. This lands in Kagu's favor it seems as he uses Watapon to bring out the Black Magician Girl (*Watapon is way too cute, I WANT ONE!*)
Yep the Black Magician Girl has made her grand appearance and gets extra points for Black Magician being in the graveyard.
And then....Shou goes all googly eyed over her and lets out a little quiet "Ka.....kawaii~!" XD Shou, you amuse me way too much. She then winks at him and....yep....he's gone to another world, wiggling about all dizzy eyed with his....hands in a very inappropriate place but lets move on shall we...
Hayato doesn't seem to impressed with Shou's behavior but he just gets a mouthful from him in return XD Soooo cute!

Watapon 0wns joo!

SHOU - "I think I'm in....love!"
HAYATO - "Dude...it's a hologram..."

Anyway Kagu has his Magician of Black Chaos or whatever to attack Bubbleman which gets rip of his shiny water pistol and reduces his attack power, he then has the Black Magician Girl finish Bubbleman off.
Juudai's points are now at 800, but he still doesn't seem phased at all (*How DOES he do that?*) and so starts off his turn by fusing Burst lady and Featherman to create Flame Wingman then uses some magic card (*Forget what it's called*) to be able to summon Sparkman as well and oh yeah, lets not forget Skyscraper is in play, extra power boost for Flame Wingman ;D So he uses that monster to wipe out Kagu's Magician of Black Chaos....or whatever it is and then of course he loses more life points due to Flame Wingman's special effect.
Kagu-copy guy's points are now at 900 and has three fluffballs and a Magical Girl left on the field XD

Anyway Juudai then has Sparkman take out one of the Kuribohs then plays a magic card that brings his life points back up to 1800, then ends his turn.
Poor guy still seems convinced he's dueling Yugi X_x;

Okay so it's Kagu's turn and he puts the Dark Magician Girl in defense mode, then uses a magic card to snag the last thing Juudai played, which was the magic card to raise life points. Anyway he seems to lay two cards face down then active something to bring back a monster, his life points rise up to 3900 and he's now holding Kuriboh again so....yeah....that bit went by way too fast *lol*
He then ends his turn.

It's Juudai's turn and he attacks and destroys the Black Magician Girl (*Poor Shou, he's all like "Farewell, Black Magician Girl" and sounds and looks so upset to see her go XD DUDE! SHOU! IT'S A HOLOGRAM!*) and of course with it being Flame Wingman Kagu gets a direct attack aswell, his life points go down to 1600. Juudai THEN uses De-fusion and uses Featherman and Burst lady to take out the last two Kuribohs. He then direct attacks with Sparkman....
....but Kagu plays Kuriboh and the little fluffball gets fried.
Kagu then talks to Kuriboh, thanking it and then says something to make the fluffball go... "Kurii ^^;" (*Yes, sweatdrop face included*) the others look rather similar to Kuriboh as they stand there with unsure smirks on their faces....I really wanna know what he said to make them look like that XD
(*Actually by reading Athena's summery this morning on her blog: http://shizumaru.blogspot.com/ I found out what Kagu did was actually pretend he was Yugi by talking to Kuriboh saying how it has "Saved him many times" Ooookay...*cough*needstobeinamentalinstitution*cough*

BMG - "Well....this sure isn't my day..."

"OMG! Get a reality check plz!!1!

"Let's pretend we don't know him..."

Anyway for some odd reason kagu is able to play both a Kuriboh and a Watapon (*IT'S CUTE! I WANT ONE!*) to the field, a dark and light monster. Daichi starts yapping on about some sort of dragon, then Kagu sacrifices his two fluffballs to summon...er...chaos solider I think it is. Anyway it attacks and destroys featherman he then has it attack Burst lady but Juudai plays a trap called "Hero Spirits" which seems to resurrect Featherman so that it protects Burst Lady (*And Juudai's life points ;)*)
Kagu ends his turn.

"Your monsters are nothing against my fluffballs!"

With that it's only NOW that Juudai starts to feel the pressure as he wipes the sweat from his face, once again seeing a shadow of Yugi in front of him...yes Juudai is losing his confidence, isn't as good as I expected though, cos as soon as Juudai starts doubting himself, his own little pep cheerleader Hane Kuriboh pops out to help him and dude it looks really angry at him at first XD
Juudai apologizes to his little fluffball, then hane Kuriboh bitch-slaps him....or kisses him, looks like either really XD Actually I think it just starts bumping into his face, it then points towards kagu-copy guy. Juudai starts going on about Yugi and then it FINALLY HITS HIM!
He isn't DUELING Yugi, he's dueling some punk who THINKS he's Yugi, trust me, there's a difference there XD
He tells Hane Kuriboh that he understands and something about believeing in his deck I think =p

"Is it hot in here? Or is it me?"

"I'm SO gonna lose..."

The fluffball is ANGRY!

Fluffball bitch-slap attack!

"Dude! You didn't have to do that ya know..."

Er....anyway, he plays some magic card to bring back Featherman, he then plays some magic card name "Double magic"? then gets a fusion card from Kagu, fuses Burst lady and Featherman together again and yes Juudai, we already know Skyscraper makes it's attack points go up by 1000 >>; Anyway Juudai has Flame Wingman destroy Chaos Solider then attacks Kagu directly.
Juudai wins!

Juudai says his usual catchphrase before Kagu is on his knees looking like he's about to cry (*HA! Take that copy cat guy!*) Then Ryou and Asuka come out of nowhere (*Probably on another one of their angst walks or something actually apparently they also went to take a sneak peek at yugi's deck and finding it gone they went to find it and came across the duel*) and then eventually we seem to learn that they had quite a big crowd of people watching them and they seem quite impressed with Kagu's play, then Juudai and Ryou seem to give Kagu a rather lengthy speech which I understand very little of, a lot about decks and believeing and hearts and....
...OMG! BELIEVE IN THE HEART OF THE CARDS! ...sorry, had to say that XD

"But I AM Yugi! I shouldn't have LOST!"

"Since when did this become a stage show?"

Anyway the next day comes and the deck is back in the glass case for everyone to see. Juudai is stood with hayato with something in his hand, turns out it's a poster of Yugi XD Dude! Juudai, your such a fanboy! Shou then suddenly runs in screaming about some kinda trouble (*He likes doing that it seems*)

The deck is back for everyone to enjoy!

"Er....what's that?"

"I gots a Yugi poster! Isn't it neeeeat!?"

Anyway they run out of the academy building and come across....another Juudai!?
Oh...wait a minute....it's just Kagurazaka DRESSED as Juudai >>; This guy needs serious help and lots of it. Besides it seems like he can't copy Juudai very well as Juudai starts showing him exactly how to do his pose and catchphrase XD Seriously Juudai, don't encourage him! Just...DON'T!

"Lookie! I'm you! lol!"

"Give me a break! After all this you learn NOTHING?"

"GOTCHA! I'm Juudai! I think I'm a hero!"

"DUDE! Don't make fun of me as well!"

"....Besides, your finger's are totally in the wrong potition..."

"SEE! This is how you do my pose!"

"We....don't know either of them...."

And that's the end of the Yugi's deck episodes :D

In the next episode it shows what looks like to be a small boy who joins Juudai's class, er....and seems to have a crush on Ryou?
Heh...but it ain't no shounen-ai, seems like GX is going for the girl dressed as a guy storyline in the next episode. Not only is the "boy" wearing a rather large hat that is typically worn by most tomboyish female characters to hide their hair under, "he" also gets rather embarrassed when Juudai starts stripping off in front of "him" XD I'm sure if he knew Ray (*That's his/her name by the way*) was a girl he wouldn't have done that *nods* So I'm guessing that's Ray's "Secret" as mentioned in the summery on Janime I imagine.

"ARGH! My virgin EYES!"

"So...does this mean you DON'T want to play strip Duel Monsters?"

Kaiser has a fanboy....okay fangirl, but the fanboy option is more amusing XD

Well, a hero always has to have a pretty girl to protect, yeah?

Juudai is the king of all goofy faces, honsetly XD

My only other comment on next weeks episode is that Juudai needs fattening up *Pokes his belly* he's quite skinny XD
Dude, next weeks episode looks like it's swimming with crack! YAY!

I also made some quick icons this morning, nothing that great, but some of them were asking to be made XD

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

In other news, I actually did housework yesterday! XD I dunno what was up with me but I cleaned the entire kitchen O_o; Nice suprise for my dad though XD
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