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Bored and Downloading....Typical for me

YAY! Got 145MB out of 185MB on the Yugioh Download...
...Either I start downloading these episodes when they first come out or never bother again X_x; It's tiring....and annoying...

If I don't get it all I have a programme which allows me to fix and watch the episode how it is....it'll just jump a good number of times as it skips the parts I won't have XD

BLAH! I'll give you pending *shakes fist at Bit Torrent*
Think I'll give up for a little while and continue getting the full version of the 5th Opening :p

As for that I have nothing more to add LOL It's been a typical boring day....

Might try and "fix" that Yugioh episode now and see what it's like, 3 days is long nough to wait X_x;
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