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Thanks to sasuke86 who gave me a link to a pretty awesome site where I can order anime stuff from, I have now ordered the first FMA DVD and starter set :D YAY! I was a bit wary at first cos I've only ever used amazon.co.uk for ordering stuff and the last time I tried to order soemthing off another site I never got the thing (*I wasn't charged either so I wasn't really bothered*) which was one of the Naruto games for the gamecube (*I was planning to get freeloader so it would play on my gamecube*) but meh, I think some Naruto games are said to be making their way to the US anyway (*And hopefully to the UK*) :D

So yep hopefully I'll be getting the first FMA DVD soon! YAYNESS! Can't wait! I get the pretty OST too X3
I'll either be getting it sometime this week or next week, depending. Kinda hoping it won't come on Friday cos that's the only day I'm working this week, but I am working late-ish so I'm hoping it will come before I leave if it comes Friday. Though theres an equal chance it'll come next week XD Either way i'm looking forward to it!
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